Thankful bits

Crawling out of my writing tower to take a moment to wish you all:
Things I am grateful for~
To see each new day and live it to the fullest
For the health and wellness of my daughters and other loved ones.
My 83-year-old mother,staying healthy and strong!
The leap of faith and believing in myself to follow my dreams (writing). This has been amazing!
Thankful for all the wonderful readers who enjoy my novels. You all are awesome-sauce!
Thankful for several other things-too many to mention or I’ll never finish this post. :) Have a wonderful holiday. Peace, love and warmth to you all.


One of my favorite months of the year has come to a close to welcome in the bluster and chill of sweet November—finally letting us know winter is nigh in the northern tier. Here’s to a wonderful month! For any participants in nanowrimo, best of luck in meeting your goals.

Thanks to author Natasha Lester for sharing her writer’s manifesto.

You own the copyright to anything you write.
bxp66050However, according to the Library of Congress, copyright does not protect ideas, titles, names, short phrases, concepts and more.
Whether you decide to register your published/unpublished novels or screenplays, it’s your choice, but it’s a good idea to brush up on the copyright law and infringements. See more US Copyright Office
*Screenplays: good idea to also register at the WGA (WritersGuildofAmerica) branch nearest you.

Reminder for authors

Or for anyone who uses that faithful beast we so heavily rely upon. Yeah, I’m talking to you Mr. Computer :) Reminder-Back-up-your


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