Been a bit since my last post and thought I’d shake things up a bit with a few words to let you know that I’m still HERE. :) Lord knows this girl has way too many medieval romance tales to share yet. Just got to get them out- don’t worry, they are coming- I promise.

“My mother says I was writing before I was crawling. I wrote in the dirt with a twig.” ~Alice Walker~

Meanwhile, working on a different cover for my upcoming release In Every Way- a tale about the sister to my fierce and overly protective Norman hero. More details will be revealed when the novel is released. Though the current cover is lovely, it no longer meshes with the cover direction for the rest of the series. So back to looking at stock art for the right fit.

My two year anniversary of publishing came at the end of last month. Wow! It has been an emotional journey of highs and lows, but mostly highs. Time does fly. All I can say is thank you for your outstanding support and for those of you who follow me, you know I’m a quiet writer who doesn’t say much. But know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Without you all by my side this journey would not have been as enjoyable as it has been. Being able to share my stories with you and your feedback is what makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so very much for your patient and incredibleness.

I eat, sleep and dream medieval happily-ever-after romance.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



My Writing Process

Thank you to my author friend Dana D’Angelo for inviting me to the My Writing Process Blog Tour. She also writes Medieval historical romances. You can check out her writing process at:
Website Dana D’Angelo is first and foremost, a storyteller. Her stories have an interesting blend of romance, adventure, action, suspense and fantasy. She is intrigued with the idea of writing romance fiction that could bring hours of enjoyment to readers, help them escape from reality, and perhaps remind them how sweet love is and should be. These are the things that she enjoys as a reader, and these are the things that she wants to give back as a writer.

Let the questions begin:

What am I working on?

Lots! But currently focusing on book 1 (introduction) to one of my upcoming medieval series: it’s about the willful sister of my hero Norman knight and her journey to happy ever after. In Every Way. Excerpt is posted on the blog.

Why do I write what I do?

I’ve always been fascinated with England’s history before 1066 and after. It all started when I was old enough to draw and make my own comic books. Drawing that first knight on horseback…I haven’t looked back since. Knights in shining armor, kings, queens, castles… breathing life into them and weaving a tale of undying love during medieval times makes writing my romances all the more exciting for me. My thought process revolves heavily around my hero/heroine falling in love and overcoming the many obstacles, villains or other surprising hurdles to get to their happily ever after. There’s just something about a man in amour. Big, tall and alpha is what I like.

Favorite Authors of the genre

Kathleen E Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey, Brenda Joyce, Rexanne Becnel, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux and so many others from the classic days of memorable bodice rippers and historical romances..

How does my writing process work?

It varies. When an idea hits, I will write out chapters, notes, and a brief outline and set it aside. This does not always work. Other times, furious writing takes place because the characters are talking so loudly they want their stories told ASAP. I listen to music and once the headphones go on, I get the longhand written, then typed and work toward rewrites. I like writing longhand, it draws out more emotions, visuals and other little details and I get to the end faster.

Who’s Next

Another favorite author of mine in a different genre.

J.P. Grider is a Young Adult and New Adult author. Her young adult series The Honor Trilogy consists of A Touch of Honor, A Man of Honor, and A Heart of Honor. Her most recent release is the new adult romance Calling California, which is the first in her Hunter Hill University series.
You can follow her:
Facebook JP Grider
Twitter @JPGrider1
Blog at: http://www.jpgrider.com/

Amber Dane:

Wow, I feel like I’ve been missing so much and I guess I have. So nice to see this wonderful post from AReadersreviewblog . Thanks so much for taking the time to include Gem of Gravane on your list! Some other awesome looking reads here that I need to check out. Beautiful covers

Originally posted on areadersreviewblog:

It has been so very difficult to select my fave reads from the fantastic books that I have read during the last year. However here they are after much deliberation! I have listed my top picks by genre and as I read across the sub genres of romance there are a fair few of them. If you click on the book title you will be taken to my review. Please note that some reads contain adult material as in erotic romances and some may deal with difficult or sensitive issues. Where this is the case I have indicated this below or in the full review.

If you have read any of the books listed I would love to hear from you.  Tina  :)

Historical Romance

Borderland%20Beauty300dpi.jpg.opt166x249o0,0s166x249[1]-001Borderland Beauty #2 in The Borderland Legacy Series, by Samantha Holt – a sensual Medieval romance set in Northumbria. Besotted Lord versus Lady Scorned: Lord Dominic learns of a marriage…

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