Wrote a great scene that I can’t stop thinking about. My character went in a different direction, as they sometimes often do, but this time- left me reeling with what the hell? and wow at the same time. :) The joys of being a writer- Surprise yourself. Have a great day. Spring has finally arrived!


Like this! Always #8 for me when I pen anything :)
Have a great day everyone and as always, thank you so very much for your amazing support!


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Been getting more familiar with their platform and I am actually liking it. :)


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Novel marinating? What is it?

Well, some authors write fast, some don’t. I was reading author Russell Blake’s post- on writing 25 novels in 30 months. Wow! I have tons of novels too, and then some, but can I write that fast? No. We all have different work habits, other priorities, etc.

I do write furiously and fast, however, I like to set the novel aside, jump into the next one while the completed one is marinating inside my head.
Yes, that’s what I call it because it’s doing just that so to speak.

During this time, life happens, gets in the way, etc. Meanwhile, extra seeds come out that need to be added to the novel. Something which I am happy about because the last thing I want to do is publish a novel, go back and add or say “I wish I had added that”. Though that might still happen, it can always be put into the next book.
The key is to not marinate too long because you might want to start all over again. :)

A small piece on curveballs: How do you write through grief and life’s other emotional crises?

Well, I don’t have the answer. When my father passed, my career at the time was in real estate and I handled his passing by not talking about it and throwing myself into my work without coming up for air for over a year. Then the domino effect (negative and positive) followed afterwards in all areas of my life. Grief strikes each of us in a different way.
Now, with a sibling fighting for her life, this trial shut me down. I’m not going to go into great detail about it but I just wanted to say this time, throwing myself into my work didn’t work.
But after a couple of weeks, I have found my way back to the creative voice inside my head. I have to work and I know come what may, my family will get through this.

I want to leave you with a wish that you love the ones who are right in front of you, smile, think of the all the good things and try to see happiness in all things when you can. The world, nature is beautiful and despite things we do not like, there is wondrous splendor in it.

Grateful to be back at my writing desk with a window view of snow (and as much as I hunger for spring, more snow is coming…so just going to enjoy it). Have a magnificent day and thanks so much for stopping by!
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