You own the copyright to anything you write.
bxp66050However, according to the Library of Congress, copyright does not protect ideas, titles, names, short phrases, concepts and more.
Whether you decide to register your published/unpublished novels or screenplays, it’s your choice, but it’s a good idea to brush up on the copyright law and infringements. See more US Copyright Office
*Screenplays: good idea to also register at the WGA (WritersGuildofAmerica) branch nearest you.

Reminder for authors

Or for anyone who uses that faithful beast we so heavily rely upon. Yeah, I’m talking to you Mr. Computer :) Reminder-Back-up-your

Novel news

A Note: As a Thank You for your patience and support, In Every Way will be on sale at release for just $0.99 for a limited time. Day of release will be posted right here on my blog, so make sure you check back. So excited about this series, it’s two series in one and I can’t wait to share it! UPDATE—>> release: October 2014
Have a fantastic day :)

Lady of Caindale

Full novel coming to you in November 2014. Currently up as a pre-order on Amazon!

(During the reign of King Henry II)
A most chivalrous knight~ When Bolt Garandson is ordered by his liege lord to escort Lord Eadwin’s spinster daughter to a convent, he finds delivering her is not so easy. The crafty lady is not what she seems and has plans of her own, and is willing to do anything to thwart their arrival at the abbey… Even if it means compromising herself.


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