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Wow, I feel like I’ve been missing so much and I guess I have. So nice to see this wonderful post from AReadersreviewblog . Thanks so much for taking the time to include Gem of Gravane on your list! Some other awesome looking reads here that I need to check out. Beautiful covers

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It has been so very difficult to select my fave reads from the fantastic books that I have read during the last year. However here they are after much deliberation! I have listed my top picks by genre and as I read across the sub genres of romance there are a fair few of them. If you click on the book title you will be taken to my review. Please note that some reads contain adult material as in erotic romances and some may deal with difficult or sensitive issues. Where this is the case I have indicated this below or in the full review.

If you have read any of the books listed I would love to hear from you.  Tina  :)

Historical Romance

Borderland%20Beauty300dpi.jpg.opt166x249o0,0s166x249[1]-001Borderland Beauty #2 in The Borderland Legacy Series, by Samantha Holt – a sensual Medieval romance set in Northumbria. Besotted Lord versus Lady Scorned: Lord Dominic learns of a marriage…

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Wrote a great scene that I can’t stop thinking about. My character went in a different direction, as they sometimes often do, but this time- left me reeling with what the hell? and wow at the same time. :) The joys of being a writer- Surprise yourself. Have a great day. Spring has finally arrived!


Like this! Always #8 for me when I pen anything :)
Have a great day everyone and as always, thank you so very much for your amazing support!


thanks to breathingfiction.com for sharing


Been getting more familiar with their platform and I am actually liking it. :)


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