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This weekend, my romantic suspense Draped in Red is $0.99 cents.

Monica Wilkins has left the hustle and bustle of NYC behind and moved on to the green mountains of Pennsylvania for peace and solitude. All too soon her idyllic country life is shattered when her friend goes missing. Monica sets out to find her and bring attention to the case when she meets the handsome homicide detective Reese Jacobs. The danger mounts during their search as does their passion along the way and Reese finds himself doing whatever he can to stop the killer from making Monica his next victim.

New Release Delectable Palate: Good food, romance & a serial killer

A serial killer leaving bodies along the east coast and the Florida Straits thinks he’s found the woman of his dreams.
Caterer Karen Falwell takes on one last event before her annual vacation and meets sexy billionaire Josh Crawford, who makes her rethink her vow to remain single. Little does she know that she has also caught the eye of another…someone who’s dangerous and is ready to act on his dark intentions.
Josh had sworn off serious commitments after his last and very public relationship had fallen apart. He reconsiders his vow the moment he meets Karen. Used to always getting what he wants, he sets out to make her his but finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of trying to protect her.


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Full length novel coming: (update) December 2014. Thanks in advance for your support & understanding. Currently up as a pre-order on Amazon!

(During the reign of King Henry II)
A most chivalrous knight~ When Bolt Garandson is ordered by his liege lord to escort Lord Eadwin’s spinster daughter to a convent, he finds delivering her is not so easy. The crafty lady is not what she seems and has plans of her own, and is willing to do anything to thwart their arrival at the abbey… Even if it means compromising herself.


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Thanks SO very much for keeping The Beast of Renald in the Top 100 for 2 months!
When Gem of Gravane and Conquering the Dark Axe were released a year ago, never had I expected the series to do as well as it did. I am so glad you enjoyed this series for I enjoyed writing it and the characters still burn inside me. Gem and the Dark Axe stayed in the Top 100 for 4 months after being released. I was grateful then and am now. Thanks to all who have supported me by reading, spreading the word and buying my books. You all are so awesome!


~A Gathering of Knights~

When I wrote Darc’s story it had a long epilogue which I had removed with the intent to add it to a holiday novel I was working on. Well, after some feedback and wonderful fans wishing there had been one, I decided to take it out of the holiday project and release it on its own. It should be available in a few days on Amazon. Here is the cover and special news will also be announced the day of release. I’m excited and hope you like the cover.
Have a great weekend!

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Many, many things! It has been an emotional journey. I won’t bore you with the personal details but would like to say Thank You for your amazing patience. One year hit June 29- Gem was published!
Onto a few things I did learn which I would like to share.
-Amazon and I will battle to the end on the bleeping formatting. Whew! But I will wrestle that nail-biting animal to the ground and master it.
-Not everyone will like what I write and I respect that. Nor do I expect them to. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
-Comments from readers who do enjoy what I write sure makes up for it! I can’t tell you how many times I have reread the comments on my blog during the challenging road back to publishing. Thanks so much! I appreciate each and every one of them.
– I’ve been writing in book form since I was 10 years old. I was writing before that but in comic book form, and when my words no longer fit into the comic bubble I began to write on the back of the frame.Then I skipped drawing altogether and wrote plays, scripts and then came the novels. Couldn’t shut me up! Like now, I have too many stories to share to not follow my dream through. So get ready, there is so much on the horizon and I hope you stick around to share the ride with me.


~Never give up~
Thanks again for taking the time to read and for stopping by!
What’s Next post coming soon!

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