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Writing days & words: from my 1st journal to now (writing my novels) whatever turmoil has crossed my path, words & writing was the outlet. Even on days I cannot muster the energy, discipline- I put pen to paper (I still write longhand drafts 🙂 ) for I know the feeling of peace that comes during and remains after. Blessed to have many doors open in my mind and the characters living behind them.
Whatever you dream or believe in, do it and be happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Writing is food for my soul.


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Hello- Just a quick note as this busy time of year hurtles forward- I will have a few deals for the weekend on the below titles (limited time):
Lady of Caindale

Draped in Red (romantic suspense)
The Northern Knights boxset- my Norman knights at just $2.99 for all the books (on sale now). Aric, Rourke & Darc.

Please check my Amber Dane Amazon Author Page at the end of the weekend.

Here’s to wishing you & yours a wonderful Holiday Season!


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I know I’ve said it many times before, but I love choosing the images for my covers and seeing how the designer brings my imagination to life. Magic! The cover on my banner was made a while back. (The Killion Group)

The Love of Ryn is the 1st book in a big medieval series coming to you later this year. This one has a history which I will share with you when we get closer to the release. All my novels are dear to me, but this one, is very special.

Meanwhile~ In the coming weeks, look for (finally!):

Draped in Red Amberdaneblog
Time is running out for Monica Wilkins…A cold-blooded killer is systematically eliminating anyone in his path who is a threat to his secret being revealed and she is the next victim on his list. Will handsome detective Reese Jacobs be able to save her in time?

Followed by:

In Every Way, Lady of Caindale, My Viking series launch and others.

As always, thanks so very much for your amazing support, reviews and patience. I hope you stay tuned for this year of romance. 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!

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What is it about rock music and medieval romance that goes hand in hand and drives ME crazy?

Maybe it’s the drumbeat and horse hooves pounding the ground or a giant fearless knight storming the castle or sitting atop his great warhorse staring down at his lady love with a last look before he rides off to battle the king of all villains. Whatever it is, it brings out the best in me and furious writing scenes that are ones I love and mirror ones I do not have to edit much. For example, I was writing to ‘Sail’ for my Viking series before I heard it in the TV series trailer. I’d first heard the song from a low-budget, although good, horror movie and I just had to have it.
For Rourke it was U2’s ‘Windows in the skies’. A specific scene when Alexa is looking down on Rourke before he rides out of the bailey- A pivotal moment because their feelings hit them both at the same moment.
For Darc, it was mostly Lisa Gerrard and Lana del Ray, but for a few scenes it was classic Deep Purple’s ‘Perfect Strangers’ set on repeat.
For Draped in Red, mostly girl leads, Mazzy Star (love her voice)
Music plays a very important role when I am writing. Then there are times when I can’t listen to it and it’s just silent writing. Mostly during dialogue.
The wonders of music. Like magic it can get the muse going or lift the spirits and let’s not forget…great for those long road trips. 🙂

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