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The 1st book in the Gren Series tells the tale of my mighty hero’s sister, the Lady Muriel. I hope you enjoy this introduction to the Gren series and my Norman hero Wulgren Alexandre. Please watch for the release of his story. Information will be posted here and on the Books & Coming soon tab.
Your support means so much. Thank you!

Lord of Grenlock~ a great warrior disappears and it takes another favored man of a dying king to bring him safely home.


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manuscript Excited! Have my new cover for my next release, In Every Way. Will reveal it this weekend. This introduction to my hero: Lord of Grenlock begins with his spirited sister Muriel. Check back here for more details.

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Time is running out for Monica Wilkins…

Draped in Red is now available on Amazon


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Thank you so much for the amazing support and I hope you enjoy this short addition.


Stay tuned for when the 1st book in my next series will be available- Can’t wait!

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