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This weekend, my romantic suspense Draped in Red is $0.99 cents.

Monica Wilkins has left the hustle and bustle of NYC behind and moved on to the green mountains of Pennsylvania for peace and solitude. All too soon her idyllic country life is shattered when her friend goes missing. Monica sets out to find her and bring attention to the case when she meets the handsome homicide detective Reese Jacobs. The danger mounts during their search as does their passion along the way and Reese finds himself doing whatever he can to stop the killer from making Monica his next victim.

New Release Delectable Palate: Good food, romance & a serial killer

A serial killer leaving bodies along the east coast and the Florida Straits thinks he’s found the woman of his dreams.
Caterer Karen Falwell takes on one last event before her annual vacation and meets sexy billionaire Josh Crawford, who makes her rethink her vow to remain single. Little does she know that she has also caught the eye of another…someone who’s dangerous and is ready to act on his dark intentions.
Josh had sworn off serious commitments after his last and very public relationship had fallen apart. He reconsiders his vow the moment he meets Karen. Used to always getting what he wants, he sets out to make her his but finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of trying to protect her.


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Just a quick stop in to say Hello!
Been writing, editing- working on some upcoming titles among other things. Hope everyone is doing well.
*For a limited time Gem of Gravane will be on sale this week.
*Cover reveal for my upcoming romantic suspense: Coming soon 🙂
Enjoy the rest of your week!


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Time is running out for Monica Wilkins…

Draped in Red is now available on Amazon


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I know I’ve said it many times before, but I love choosing the images for my covers and seeing how the designer brings my imagination to life. Magic! The cover on my banner was made a while back. (The Killion Group)

The Love of Ryn is the 1st book in a big medieval series coming to you later this year. This one has a history which I will share with you when we get closer to the release. All my novels are dear to me, but this one, is very special.

Meanwhile~ In the coming weeks, look for (finally!):

Draped in Red Amberdaneblog
Time is running out for Monica Wilkins…A cold-blooded killer is systematically eliminating anyone in his path who is a threat to his secret being revealed and she is the next victim on his list. Will handsome detective Reese Jacobs be able to save her in time?

Followed by:

In Every Way, Lady of Caindale, My Viking series launch and others.

As always, thanks so very much for your amazing support, reviews and patience. I hope you stay tuned for this year of romance. 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!

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