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Have a great week 🙂


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Writing days & words: from my 1st journal to now (writing my novels) whatever turmoil has crossed my path, words & writing was the outlet. Even on days I cannot muster the energy, discipline- I put pen to paper (I still write longhand drafts 🙂 ) for I know the feeling of peace that comes during and remains after. Blessed to have many doors open in my mind and the characters living behind them.
Whatever you dream or believe in, do it and be happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Writing is food for my soul.

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One of my favorite months of the year has come to a close to welcome in the bluster and chill of sweet November—finally letting us know winter is nigh in the northern tier. Here’s to a wonderful month! For any participants in nanowrimo, best of luck in meeting your goals.

Thanks to author Natasha Lester for sharing her writer’s manifesto.

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