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Congrats to romance suspense author Brittney Sahin on her new release Silenced Memories!



I am excited to announce the official release of my romance suspense novel, Silenced Memories. Thank you everyone for your support over these last few months!! Enjoy a few excerpts below.

Book Blurb:

Kate Adams has never found it difficult to keep a professional relationship with her clients . . . but then she’s never had a client like Michael Maddox. From the moment she arrives in Charlotte, Kate is tongue-tied by the devastatingly gorgeous former Marine and intelligence genius turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Michael seems at first glance to be the perfect catch, except for one problem. He doesn’t do relationships. And Kate doesn’t do one-night stands. But as the tension mounts between them, Kate discovers she has larger problems—an untraceable stalker . . . and a dangerous past. When Michael offers his protection, Kate is grateful, and yet afraid. For as they grow closer, she realizes that Michael…

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A huge THANK YOU to romance suspense Author Brittney Sahin for taking the time to compile this list of Authors & Books (and for including me:) ..Some new books for me to check out!



Authors by Genre

READERS: Please check out the amazing and talented authors listed below. I have categorized alphabetically by genre and first name. I will update and post this list regularly. *Sci Fi & Fantasy are grouped together

AUTHORS: If I made an error with your genre, or you would like to add something else, please let me know via email: brittneysahin@gmail.com (or in the comments) & I will correct it. *I will rotate book covers each month:-)

*I would like to add additional info for the readers &/or links to blogs/websites, etc. – hopefully next time! Any feedback for improvement is welcome!

Children’s (but fun for all ages):


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A match made in hell…
Stubborn and Defiant
Hardened by a lost love before, battle-scarred Rourke Thorsson accepts his fate…he must take to wife the sister of his dead betrothed. But the fiery Saxon hellion has not accepted hers and fights him every inch of the way. She possessed an unbreakable spirit none the likes of which he’d ever encountered and Rourke is determined to bend her to his rule~ no matter what it takes
With her sister now dead, strong- willed Lady Alexa is forced to wed in her stead to one of the most feared men in Northern England… the Dark Axe. The Norman warlord demands her total surrender and bounds her to him in more ways than one. And she vows to kill him before giving herself over to the unbridled passion he ignites within her.

Yet when haunting secrets unfold and old enemies return to…

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