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My 4 year anniversary as a published author came at the end of June. I may not have reached all the  goals I aimed for in that time, but I’m not done yet. I’ve changed a few dates around and goals are back on the table.🙂 ~Writing through personal difficulty can be therapeutic~

So as we close in on my upcoming intro to The Gren Series-I’m reposting a reminder about the time frame.

Original post from 2014: I love all things medieval and the History of medieval England is one of my favorite time periods to read and write about. In writing my historical romances I love to focus on the growing love between my characters with a bit of history sprinkled in along with majestic kings. I know some prefer more history than romance, but everyone has a different view of what historical romance is and that’s fine with me, we are all entitled to our opinions. What works for me is just that— what works for me.🙂

With that said my novel In Every Way, the 1st book in The Gren series, is set during the time of William I The Conqueror and the reign of his son William Rufus.

William II (Known as William Rufus) (r. 1087-1100)

Coronation of William Rufus. Westminster Abbey Library - Flores Strong, outspoken and ruddy (hence his nickname ‘Rufus’), William II (reigned 1087-1100) extended his father’s policies, taking royal power to the far north of England. Ruthless in his relations with his brother Robert, William extended his grip on the duchy of Normandy under an agreement between the brothers in 1091. (Robert went on crusade in 1096.)

William’s relations with the Church were not easy; he took over Archbishop Lanfranc’s revenues after the latter’s death in 1089, kept other bishoprics vacant to make use of their revenues, and had numerous arguments with Lanfranc’s popular successor, Anselm. William died on 2 August 1100, after being shot by an arrow whilst hunting in the New Forest.
Courtesy of the British Monarchy
British Monarchy


An old post & timely reminder, especially for those upgrading to Windows 10. I’m sticking to W8 on one laptop and keeping W10 on another. Getting used to it was fast, but not crazy about finding some things & hard to find apps.(*nearly blew my stack over the download to location changes).  I swear I lost some files during the upgrade, but whew! Grateful for my regular external backups.🙂Reminder-Back-up-your

Hope you all are well. Just popping in to say Hello.

Important characters and their journey from The Gren Series will revolve around medieval England in the year of 1088, after William II’s period of succession. I focus my historical romances mainly on the hero and heroine. As those of you who have read my novels know, to me that’s what makes for a good romantic journey with a medieval backdrop.

I rarely post about the many hours or length of time it takes me to do my research, nor do I include author notes inside my novels. On the bodice rippers I grew up on, some author notes were included and most times not. I believe my audience realizes that I’ve done my research extensively-and I do. I’m not out to give a history lesson.

I didn’t just start reading historical romance in the past few years. I’ve been reading them for over 30 plus years. Majority of the ones from the true boom in the late 70’s and 80’s are on my shelf with yellowed pages. The books of old is what I enjoy and are what I want to read, therefore I write what I want to read.

Historical history belongs in historical fiction, though accuracy and brief history, I feel belongs in historical romance. A few early Monarchs fascinate me, William I, of course, and he ranks at number one. Well, enough on that. I just wanted to pop in and share the below.

The Gren Series: a group of Norman warriors & a bit of fantastical elements of druids and the like. This series spans across two families- The mighty and fearless Gren and his close friendship with the men known as William’s hounds- The mighty Le Bran brothers. Men who fight as fiercely as they love.

The Gren was started like my many others,-long ago in the 1990’s. Crazy the difference in my writing since then, some good…some, what the heck was I thinking.🙂 Nevertheless, I have several favorites and I can only hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by! I wish nothing but good health and many blessings to all of you. Don’t take a moment for granted, life is too precious.


…Wulgren surveyed the battle around them. They were losing ground and losing fast. Most of the weary-worn young knights had fallen easily under the first arc of the enemy’s sword. He cursed the overzealous lieutenant, Awel, for disobeying his orders and for taking the not fully trained troops in to attack Betaine Keep at predawn. He looked down at his feet and hoped Awel could hear him in hell.

Wulgren grunted on his bite of anger as he turned his gaze away from Awel’s bloodied and lifeless body at his feet and gave the order for his group of fifty able-bodied men to go into the fray and pull back what remained of the troop away from Betaine’s more than a thousand men still spilling blood on the battlefield.

Wulgren nodded to his man, Malcolm. The red-haired giant slid off his large horse, mail flashed through the slit of his dark cloak before he closed it again. Dusk was falling and the sound of battle rang loudly against the backdrop of clear skies.

A day like today he could have still been at home spending some time with his sister, Muriel before she left to live with her new husband.

Wulgren pulled his cloak tighter around his own broad shoulders, grunting heavily in disgust some more ere he yanked his big-jeweled hilted sword out of its sheath through the slit, and headed down the path, which lead to where the gray-haired giant, Ardus Betaine had his wide back to him, bellowing out orders to kill more of Grenlock’s men.

Writing- medieval romance

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