Happy New Year

Time to shelve the memories of 2014- It’s been a wonderful, though trying year. Thankful and blessed. Looking forward to what is coming this year and the medieval knights I can’t wait to introduce you to. May your New Year bring you joy and happiness. Be safe. Best wishes to you all!
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Season’s Greetings


Lady of Caindale

LADY OF CAINDALE is now available for download!! UPDATE #4 Finally! Things were ironed out and happy to announce that you should now be able to download the correct book through the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon.com. I hope all of you who received the wrong file will be able to download successfully. Thanks so very much for your amazing patience and understanding. Here is the link again with info on how to get an updated book (the info is near the bottom of that page) https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A1RGGPBKDR1BPZ

I’m still trying to get Quality Control to get updates out to all those who preordered. So frustrated with how long it’s taking to correct this unfortunate snafu & the inconvenience it has caused everyone. Also, heard from a fan who contacted Amazon about her order and they sent her the updated content in minutes. So happy to hear that!

UPDATE #2: Amazon said it may take up to 4 weeks or less for the correct book to be sent out to those who preordered. I cannot express to you how distraught I am over this. Again I apologize to all of you. This has been a complete nightmare. For those with the wrong book, Please return your book for your refund. Thanks for your time and support.

UPDATE: Still talking with Amazon to get this straightened out. Hoping it is resolved ASAP. I am deeply sorry for the continued issues. Will update as soon as I know!
Thank you all so much for your comments, support and understanding.

I want to apologize to all those who received the incorrect file for Lady of Caindale. I am so very sorry for this error, the inconvenience and above all, the disappointment this caused.
The file that went out was my only for author’s eyes mess/draft/ skeletal/story board/outline/crafting stages – A big Ugh! So embarrassed that many people got a glimpse of what is meant for my eyes only: unformatted, spell errors, missing scenes, wrong names, acts/characters not in the novel, serious unedited speed typing, notes, highlights, and a host of other stuff only I know the why and what for, etc.
An important part to being an author is their audience. The readers.
And the last thing I would want to do is disappoint my readers.
I love what I do and work very hard to bring a professional and entertaining book to the table. I’m still learning as I go, but I do try my best. I know not every title I put out will be liked by everyone, some will like it, some will not, it’s expected. I am extremely grateful that people enjoy what I write. But this, I’m very sorry it happened.
The very last thing I would ever want is for something like this to go out to you. You took the time out of your busy schedules to spend your hard-earned money and should rightfully expect to receive what you paid for. As a reader, I understand, I would have been disappointed if I received what went out from an author I enjoyed reading.
This nightmare and the level of anxiety over this has taught me a few things, stick to my systematic plan and load the novel myself. I’m just glad I caught it before any more time passed.
Again, I am so very, very sorry this happened.
The correct file is now on Amazon and should update automatically to your reading device, I hope. I have also contacted Amazon to see if they can send an email to those who purchased it. Meanwhile, here is the link with info on how to get an updated book (the info is near the bottom of that page) https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A1RGGPBKDR1BPZ
For those seeking a refund, I think all you need to do is return the book to Amazon.
I hope when you receive the correct file of Caindale that you enjoy Bolt and Elle’s story.
***Because of this error, my next novel In Every Way will be at the discounted price of 99 cents for two weeks upon release.
Thanks so much for your understanding and amazing support.
All the best to everyone.

Thankful bits

Crawling out of my writing tower to take a moment to wish you all:
Things I am grateful for~
To see each new day and live it to the fullest
For the health and wellness of my daughters and other loved ones.
My 83-year-old mother,staying healthy and strong!
The leap of faith and believing in myself to follow my dreams (writing). This has been amazing!
Thankful for all the wonderful readers who enjoy my novels. You all are awesome-sauce!
Thankful for several other things-too many to mention or I’ll never finish this post. :) Have a wonderful holiday. Peace, love and warmth to you all.


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